Genesis of English Communication and Soft Skills Online Program

The Program

The English Communication and Soft Skills Online Program (ECSSOP) is for all the permanent faculty members and instructors of the DGS approved Pre-sea MTIs.

The program is in two stages.

Stage one consists of the Proficiency Test, which helps identify the participants' English language proficiency. The test evaluates the four language skills of the participants and follows the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) guidelines for language proficiency. Proficiency Test has four components each carrying equal weightage. Listening and Reading will be auto-evaluated, and the language experts will evaluate Speaking and Writing. Based on the scores secured, the participants will be assigned the levels given below:

  • Grade A - 91% and above – No training required
  • Grade B - 71-90% - Advanced Level
  • Grade C - 51-70% - Intermediate Level
  • Grade D - 50% and less – Basic Level

Stage two consists of the course which has three levels. Further to the proficiency test, the participants are enrolled into Basic, Intermediate and Advanced Levels of the course depending on their performance in the test.

Each level is of eight weeks which helps improve overall English, focusing on all four English language skills, i.e., listening, speaking, reading and writing (LSRW).

After completing the Intermediate Level, the instructors will receive an e-certificate with proficiency statements mentioning their listening, speaking, reading, and writing proficiency.

Faculty members, after completing the Advanced Level, will receive an e-certificate with proficiency statements mentioning their listening, speaking, reading, and writing proficiency.

The Course Levels
ECSSOP is available at the Basic, Intermediate and Advanced Levels. Each level has 40 modules spanning eight weeks. There are 32 sessions on LSRW, 4 interactive sessions and 4 tests as part of continual assessment. Different themes for each week allow the participants to learn vocabulary from different walks of life. The participants can learn the self-learning modules at their own pace according to their convenience without affecting their regular teaching load. However, they have to complete the course within the stipulated time. The modules contain several interactive self-learning activities and tasks to learn the language in a fun manner. The user-friendly interface allows the participants to navigate through the modules swiftly. Participants can visit the spoken and written responses uploaded by their peers and learn from each other. The four interactive sessions with the Course Trainers are for doubt solving and receiving feedback. And the fortnightly tests will help the participants understand their progress.

Grammar and Vocabulary
The theme-wise arrangement of the courses will help participants improve grammar and vocabulary with plenty of interactive exercises for practice. All aspects of grammar including tenses, voice, prepositions, types of sentences, conditionals etc. are integrated with the LSRW modules of each week. The video lessons will provide rich vocabulary from day-to-day life situations in the personal and professional domain. The fortnightly interactive sessions will allow the participants to receive personal guidance and feedback from the instructors.

Writing Skills
The ECSSOP course will improve all four language skills, i.e., Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing. During eight weeks of each level of the course , eight video/audio/presentation based lessons on developing writing skills are packed with enough writing experience. These lessons contain various writing exercises, tasks and assignments related to formal and informal situations. Participants can submit the writing assignments as directed in the lessons and receive feedback during interactive sessions. Upon completion of their tasks, exercises, or assignments, the platform will allow participants to view the exercises, tasks and assignments submitted by their peers. This will enable peer learning where participants can learn from each other.

Speaking Skills
The course will give enough opportunities to the participants to practice speaking skills in all the levels. There are activities where the participants will require to speak and record their voices on the portal which will be available to the peers also to listen to and learn from each other. There will be sample responses provided to self assess the tasks and assignments. There are group presentations and discussions planned during the interactive modules.

Listening and Reading skills
These are receptive skills; hence, the system will evaluate the tasks and tests. Participants will know the correct answers immediately. However, if they have any doubts or queries, they can discuss them with the language trainer during the interactive sessions.

Technical Requirements
  • 1.Desktop/Laptop with 4 GB RAM, i3 Processor
  • 2.Operating System – Windows 10 and Above
  • 3.Webcam with a Microphone
  • 4.Good Internet Connectivity with a minimum of 5 Mbps
  • 5.Chrome Browser only
  • 6.Updated Anti-virus Software
  • 7.Mobile Phone with Adobe Scan App
  • 8.Latest AnyDesk Remote Desktop Application

Upon completion of the Program, the participants will receive an e-certificate.
  • 1.For completion of the Program, Candidates will be required to either pass the Proficiency Test with a Grade A or successfully complete up to the Advanced Level of the Course.
  • 2.For completion of the Program, Candidates will be required to either pass the Proficiency Test with a Grade B or successfully complete up to the Intermediate Level of the Course. Further, if the candidate wishes to take the Advanced Level course, he/she may choose to do so without the obligation of successful completion of the Advanced Level to receive his/her Intermediate Level Certificate. If he/she successfully completes the Advanced Level course, he/she will be entitled to receive the Advanced Level Certificate.
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